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Jumpstarter Mini with Case - Motorcycle/ ATV Jump Box

Jumpstarter Mini with Case - Motorcycle/ ATV Jump Box

This mini jump box is STRONG! Don't let the light weight and super compact size fool you.

We have used one of these to charge a phone and then immediately jump our F350, because someone left the lights on. 

We carry one of these on all of our shop bikes. They work great and take up almost no space. They are super lightweight and the case is very handy.

Don't get caught in the middle of nowhere because you didn't think about this.

Also, 99% chance your buddy will be the one who needs it.

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Product Details

Light and compact multifunctional mini starter
Allows restart of motorcycles and scooters when the battery is low
Charge your electronic devices using it as a Power Bank
Has built-in LED flashlight
Includes JumpStarter, battery clamps, 3-in1 USB cable and user instructions
Hardshell, water-resistant case
Start current: 200A, peak current: 360A
Measures 133mm x 66mm x 16.49mm
Output: 5V/1A - 5V/2.1A
Input: 5V/1A

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