Scott Roudebush

Owner/Sales/Seat Builder

Scott has been a member of the Diamond Motorcycle Team since 2022 and recently came on to help move Diamond Motorcycle forward in the industry. Upholding Diamond's long-standing reputation for high-quality craftsmanship while making our seats more accessible to people across the country and world. 


Scott's favorite part about working at Diamond: 

"The experience and energy of the team here at Diamond is freaking awesome!"

Fun Fact about Scott: 

"I love to study astrophysics when I have free time."

Leslie Harrison

General Manager / Seamstress / Pattern Maker

Leslie has been a core member of the Diamond Motorcycle team since 1999. A true Swiss Army knife, Leslie works as GM, while also producing seats as a seasoned seamstress and pattern maker. 

Leslie's favorite part about working at Diamond: 

"I get to create an awesome product. The challenge of making new products, working together with a great team, and meeting new and interesting people makes me happy."

Fun Fact about Leslie: 

"I'm a hardworking grandmother of 5. I love my family and friends & take my job very seriously. I'm a passionate person and its reflected in my relationships and work life."

Juan Hernandez

Master Seat Builder

A member of the Diamond Motorcycle team since 2010, Juan has perfected his craft over the years and is a master of seat building. With his knowledge, experience, and passion- you can be sure that every seat Diamond makes is made with the care and attention that you, the rider, deserve.  

Juan's favorite part about working at Diamond: 

"Making motorcycle seats is something I'm very passionate about. It brings me joy."

Fun Fact about Juan: 

"I love to live a healthy lifestyle. Putting an emphasis on working out and lifting weights is something I really enjoy every day."

Will Ojeda

Fiberglass Technician

Will has been a member of the Diamond Motorcycle team since 2022 and we are lucky to have him on our team.

Will's favorite part about working at Diamond: 

"Independence, trusting employer/coworkers, set a comfortable work pace."

Fun Fact about Will: 

"Loves to work on cars and customize my own car!"- Will

Our History

We've been crafting custom motorcycle seats since 1971 right here in the USA. We take pride is every seat we've made and believe firmly that you'll be happy you went with Diamond Motorcycle.

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