Huel Johnson

Operations Manager, Service Director

Favorite thing about working at Diamond:

"After working in motorcycle dealerships, this is a less stressful job with a lot of self reward helping to please employees and customers.

Interesting Fact:

I am a certified mechanic for BMW, Ducati, Triumph, Suzuki, Honda & Yamaha.

Leslie Harrison

Head Seamstress / Trainer

Leslie has been a core member of the Diamond Motorcycle team since 1999. A true Swiss Army knife, Leslie works as a seamstress and trainer as she is currently semi-retired.

Leslie's favorite part about working at Diamond: 

"I get to create an awesome product. The challenge of making new products, working together with a great team, and meeting new and interesting people makes me happy."

Fun Fact about Leslie: 

"I'm a hardworking grandmother of 5. I love my family and friends & take my job very seriously. I'm a passionate person and its reflected in my relationships and work life."

Juan Hernandez

Master Seat Builder

A member of the Diamond Motorcycle team since 2010, Juan has perfected his craft over the years and is a master of seat building. With his knowledge, experience, and passion- you can be sure that every seat Diamond makes is made with the care and attention that you, the rider, deserve.  

Juan's favorite part about working at Diamond: 

"Making motorcycle seats is something I'm very passionate about. It brings me joy."

Fun Fact about Juan: 

"I love to live a healthy lifestyle. Putting an emphasis on working out and lifting weights is something I really enjoy every day."

Linda Rodriguez


Favorite thing about working at Diamond:

"Nice employees, flexible schedule and close to home"

Interesting fact:

"I love crocheting"

Briana Campos

Seamstress Trainee

Briana joined as a summer intern in 2023 and has decided to stay on and learn more about the seat business.

Favorite thing about working at Diamond Motorcycle:

"Everyone is so helpful and understanding. They also care so much for their customers."

Interesting fact:

"I met Tony Hawk once!"

Scott Roudebush

Owner/Sales/Seat Builder

Scott has been a member of the Diamond Motorcycle Team since 2022 and recently came on to help move Diamond Motorcycle forward in the industry. Upholding Diamond's long-standing reputation for high-quality craftsmanship while making our seats more accessible to people across the country and world. 


Scott's favorite part about working at Diamond: 

"The experience and energy of the team here at Diamond is freaking awesome!"

Fun Fact about Scott: 

"I love to study astrophysics when I have free time."