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Book a Free Session with our Master Seat Builder

One of our master seat builders will meet with you virtually using Zoom, Google Chat, etc. We will first evaluate your needs as a rider, and discuss seat options for you. Together, we will craft the perfect seat, made specifically for you.

Built Specifically for the Rider

We customize every seat to fit your style and to maximize your comfort.  We believe your bike should not only look good, but feel good too.  When you call, here are some of the questions we ask so we can provide you with the perfect saddle.

-Your weight, height, and length of inseam.If you normally ride two-up, then your passenger weight, height, and inseam.

-With or without driver backrest, also customized to match your seat design.

-Color, or color combinations.Fabrics of vinyl or velour.  We also have a variety of animal skin designs.

-Stitching designs: diamond stitch over entire top, diamond stitch row down center, smooth, or other custom designs.

-Any add-on’s or accessories: Studs, conchos, passenger pouch, embroidery, and more.


Select from a variety of Customization Options including Stitch Pattern, Material & Stitch Colors!

Designed to Fit:

Height, weight and inseam are critical

Such measurements are necessary in the construction of a comfortable motorcycle seat. This information allows us to build a seat that fits you.

Premium Materials

Changing density — more dense for heavier or less dense for lighter people — does not by itself provide enough comfort. The shape, size and fit of each seat must also be changed for each individual. A tall, long-legged person needs more support under their legs than a shorter person.

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premium materials

handcrafted in the USA

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    All orders shipped for FREE from now until June 30th

  • Returns

    1 Year Warranty on Defects of Workmanship. We strive to make a quality seat for the rider, so we include 1 adjustment to custom seats.

  • Custom Order Fulfillment

    We estimate a 2-3 week turnaround time for every custom seat ordered.