How it Works

Height, weight and inseam are critical

Such measurements are necessary in the construction of a comfortable motorcycle seat. This information allows us to build a seat that fits you.

Each foam is prepared specifically for each customer

Changing density — more dense for heavier or less dense for lighter people — does not by itself provide enough comfort. The shape, size and fit of each seat must also be changed for each individual. A tall, long-legged person needs more support under their legs than a shorter person.

The Velour tops breathe

Allowing air to flow through the surface of the seat makes them cooler and more comfortable.

Passenger comfort

Unlike other seat makers where the entire seat foam is the same density under the driver and passenger, Diamond Motorcycle mathematically calculates the foam density needed for the driver and the passenger respectively then hand fabricates the foam for each.

Personal contact with Diamond Motorcycle

We invite personal interaction with our customers, both driver and passenger, to ensure a perfect fit and the utmost comfort possible for each. We will spend as much time as needed to collect all the input from each rider so that their needs and wants are achieved when constructing their new custom seat.