Who is Diamond Motorcycle?

Diamond Motorcycle is a leader in custom, aftermarket motorcycle seats and seat covers. We have been making custom motorcycle seats for over 49 years. Our custom-built motorcycle seats are crafted to order according to your specifications and needs. You will not find a custom motorcycle seat that’s more comfortable. All of our components are made in the USA!  Our dual-density, self-conforming memory foam guarantees all-day comfort. Our custom motorcycle seats provide total-body support without creating pressure points during your rides. We design our seats so that you ride in them, not on them. You’ve never felt anything like it! Plus, our seats aren’t only comfortable and durable, but they look great. No matter what kind of bike you own, we’ll create a custom piece that looks like it was built for your bike and feels better than any other seat you’ve tried!

How do you customize the motor seats?

In order to customize your motorcycle seat to your exact specifications, we will need your height, weight and inseam. This is critical information as such measurements are necessary in the construction of a comfortable motorcycle seat. This information allows us to build a seat that fits you. With over 49 years of experience, Diamond Motorcycle creates quality, comfortable motorcycle seats for a wide range of bikes and riders. After extensive testing, we realize that when it comes to seats:  Comfort on a motorcycle is difficult! A well-designed custom-built motorcycle seat can fix that. Diamond Motorcycle are designed to distribute your weight over a larger area which allows the seat to give you as much support under your legs as possible. Distributing your weight helps to eliminate sore points.

We are unique in the way we make our customized motorcycle seats as each foam within the seat is prepared specifically for each customer. We change the density of the foam based on the weight of the rider, denser for heavier or less dense for lighter people,  does not by itself provide enough comfort. The shape, size and fit of each seat must also be changed for each individual. A tall, long-legged person needs more support under their legs than a shorter person. We take all of this into consideration when putting together your custom-built motorcycle seat.

What other features put Diamond Motorcycle over the top?

We use Velour tops that breathe, allowing air to flow through the surface of the seat makes them cooler and more comfortable. Unparalleled comfort and building you the best motorcycle seat you have ever experienced is our goal. Unlike other seat makers where the entire seat foam is the same density under the driver and passenger, Diamond Motorcycle mathematically calculates the foam density needed for the driver and the passenger respectively then hand fabricates the foam for each. We think it is very important to have personal contact with us. We invite personal interaction with our customers, both driver and passenger, to ensure a perfect fit and the utmost comfort possible for each. We will spend as much time as needed to collect all the input from each rider so that their needs and wants are achieved when constructing their new custom seat. Our goal is to build you the best, most comfortable custom-build motorcycle seat you have ever experienced.

What motorcycle brands are compatible with your custom motorcycle seats?

We make custom motorcycle seats for BMW, Can-Am, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha.

Do you offer seat covers?

Yes, Diamond Motorcycle also manufactures the finest and best-fitting slipover vinyl and velour seat covers on the market. Our covers are fitted so well that it is hard to distinguish our covers from our custom seats. They are easy to install and can be attached to your saddle in just a few minutes on your workbench, or on the kitchen table. No tools necessary. You can choose from an assortment of complementing colors and the velour cloth and vinyl components are the same as are used in building our saddles. Covers are available for the seat, driver’s backrest, passenger’s backrest and armrests.

Do you make dash covers?

Diamond Motorcycle makes fitted dash covers for all GL 1100, 1200, 1500, and 1800 bikes. The covers are attached to the top of the dash with Velcro and are meant to color-coordinate with seats or seat covers. They also serve to protect the dash from sunlight damage and to deflect sunlight reflection away from the rider’s eyes. They come in the same top-quality velour fabric and colors available for our seats and seat covers.

Do you offer animal embroidery?

Diamond Motorcycle can embroider eagles or wolves on any of our driver’s and passenger’s backrests for an added charge. They consist of over 61,000 stitches and are by far superior to any competitor’s products.

Do you have any testimonials from customers?

Yes! Please refer to our testimonial page for a list of our many happy customers. Many of our customers are amazed by the comfort they get with their seats. Ed and Diane G. of Frankfort, KY say “Just a line to let you know that we love our new seat. After 70 miles with the old seat I, as a passenger, had to get off for a few minutes. We took our first ride with our new seat to a Honda Shop 120 miles away and I never had to get off until we arrived. How can this seat ever get better than this???!!! Last Sunday we traveled 381 miles round trip and only stopped for gas and food and never got sore butts or sore legs.” We live to make our customers happy and manufacturer the best motorcycle seat that you have ever experienced.

How can we contact you?

We believe the best way to communicate with a customer is via the phone. We do not provide an email contact. We believe that talking directly to a customer is the best way for us to get to know you and for us to create and customize the most perfect custom motorcycle seat you have ever experienced. Please contact us today at (386) 698-2737 with any questions.